Center for Spine Interventions (CSI Spine)

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Wilhemina Ihenyen, MSN-FNPBC

Wilhemina Ihenyen, MSN-FNPBC is a board certified family Nurse Practitioner at the Center for Spine Interventions.. She obtained her MSN and BSN degrees from Tennessee State University, Nashville Tennessee.

Having gained some experience working in a related field in pain management after graduating in May 2011, Wilhemina decided to join CSI because of her interest in extending skill set to fit her life’s passion of improving the quality of life patients. Wilhemina brings to the Center of Spine Interventions several years of pain management experience.

She is convinced that managing pain is not limited to the administration of medication alone but it’s the responsibility of providers to assist and guide patients properly to have a better quality of life through adequate exercising, good nutrition, mental health, interventional injections and bracing of pain.

She brings to Center for Spine Interventions a lot energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn new things and a heart to improve the quality of life of patients.